I wasn't a developer, but my work, private projects and interests made me to learn programming languages. Beneath I presents a few of my programs and some that was not made by me, but are useful.


CamCap - console application to dump image from camera

Recently I was looking for some console application, that would allow me to capture images from internet camera into some graphic file. Maybe I wrongly asked google, but all I could find were large GUI apps, which didn't expose console interface. That is why I made CamCap (camera capture). Its usage is as simple as possible. All you need is to execute it from command line. It will detect...


Library RFM12B in C for STM32

If you only need this library, then please download files below and you can leave this page, but if you would like to read a whole story, then go further.

My colleague asked me to make a remote thermometer for him. I haven't hesitated and decided to use well known RFM70 modules. Prototype worked as designed but during test in field, it turned out that range was to...


RFM70 library in C for STM32

If you just need RFM70 library then you will find it below. If you want to read whole story, then don't stop.

Some while ago, colleague from work was looking for some radio modules to its project. One day he came with those tinny devices. When he brought them to work and said what they can do, I couldn't stop wondering theirs price to feature ratio. Immediately I ordered...

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