I wasn't a developer, but my work, private projects and interests made me to learn programming languages. Beneath I presents a few of my programs and some that was not made by me, but are useful.


LCD Designer ver. 1.0.0

Hey. If you came here, you probably need to convert your graphic to bunch of bytes. Of course, you can do it manually, but this is why we have computers. To do all this dirty job for us.

Software you can download from here:


I made it basing on my colleague's (Radek) program called LCD Assistent (Oryginal site https://en.radzio.dxp.pl/bitmap_converter)

Its purpose is to...


SSH - know how

This is only an extract from official website www.ssh.com. This should help to understand how pair key authentication works


  • prvate - secret kept on client/end user side. Often secured with some passphrase and kept away in directory accessible only for root. It is used for generate public key and decode information encoded with public key.
  • public - available for everyone. To make it...

Git cheatsheet

Create new branch

git checkout -b name_of_new_local_branch

Create new remote branch

git push origin name_of_new_remote_branch

Remove branch

git branch -d name_of_local_branch

Diff for last revision

git diff HEAD^

Diff for range of revisions

git diff hash1 hash2

Merge to master

git checkout master

git pull origin master

git merge name_of_local_branch

git push origin master



Building AVR code - build.py tool 1.0

If you came here only for script, then it is here:

And basically you could stop reading here, but if you would like to hear longer story, please feel invited. Till recently, to fiddle with AVR processors and theirs code I was using AVR-Studio IDE. Unfortunately, the newest version is rather large in size. Also recently I have discovered a Visual Studio Code, lighter but still...



Sometimes we want to illustrate how many the same elements are in collection. Let's consider an example of children's pool with plastic balls. Let say there are 1000 of them and we can distinguish 5 colors (yellow, red, green, blue, white). To show, on one chart, how many balls are in each color, we need to take each ball and count....


GCC & G++ for microcontrolers AVR

Till recently, for writing code for given microcotroller, I was using dedicated GUI, which very often include embedded tools for compiling, building and quite often programming. As experience and complication of projects grow, one starts feeling natural need of test sophisticated architectures before uploading into device. This allows save time and money in future. That is why I wanted to...


CamCap - console application to dump image from camera

Recently I was looking for some console application, that would allow me to capture images from internet camera into some graphic file. Maybe I wrongly asked google, but all I could find were large GUI apps, which didn't expose console interface. That is why I made CamCap (camera capture). Its usage is as simple as possible. All you need is to execute it from command line. It will detect...


Library RFM12B in C for STM32

If you only need this library, then please download files below and you can leave this page, but if you would like to read a whole story, then go further.

My colleague asked me to make a remote thermometer for him. I haven't hesitated and decided to use well known RFM70 modules. Prototype worked as designed but during test in field, it turned out that range was to...


RFM70 library in C for STM32

If you just need RFM70 library then you will find it below. If you want to read whole story, then don't stop.

Some while ago, colleague from work was looking for some radio modules to its project. One day he came with those tinny devices. When he brought them to work and said what they can do, I couldn't stop wondering theirs price to feature ratio. Immediately I ordered...

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