Electronic projects

Beneath you can find a few electronic projects made by me. Electronic is that kind of science, which I was always interested in. Its connection with mechanic brought me even more fun. That is way you can find some articles about robotic.


SONY XM-3040 PROTECTION always on

I got this power amplifier because protection circuit was always on and none of four channels play a sound. This is quite expect reaction. Inside of Sony XM3040 is a small IC from NEC, that provides couple of features: delayed speakers on, protection against direct current on output and against shorcircuit. Despite, none of those sympthoms occured, relays remained off. After measurements, it...


Regeneration power amplifier WS304

I bought this amplifier in the Internet forum. It was broken but metal case was in a very good shape. Most of those devices are badly scratched. This amplifier has very simple and well documented construction. I decided to take a risk. I bought it. When I opened it turned out that it hadn't been serviced by any amateur. All part were original. Big plus.

I have been told, by previous owner,...


Power amplifier SEEA 200W - SMA300

I got this device from my friend. It was laying in his garage and he had no concept what to do with it. He even wasn't sure if its still working. It took about a year when finally I had time to look into it. I wanted to check its condition, but I hadn't speaker with appropriate jack, so I took of metal shield and soldered loose wires directly to output PCB. I was amazed when it turned out that...


VIC modulator to C64

Since I was a little kid, I was interested in C64. Some while ago I was wondering how does this analogue modulator, providing signal to TV, works. I searched the Internet, but I didn't find. Recently, by coincidence, I found it and decided to put it here. I hope it will be useful for someone.

In the Internet are many pages about how to get better video signal from this old computer.


Remote control model

I grew up in 80's and 90's. Having a remote controlled car in that time was a dream of all boys and also not available for most of them. Those who have it was king of neighbourhood. I was also dreaming about it and after many years I made it come true. Of course, since a few years you can buy such toy in shops but I wouldn't be myself if just go and buy one. The biggest satisfaction will give...


SPI interface on ATtiny2313 device

In my basement I have found one old project. It was remote controller with Attiny2313 in transmitter and Atmega8535 in receiver. It was using some dummy RF433MHz modules and wasn't able to send data properly. Probably that is way it was in basement ;). After a few years I decided to make it work by replacing those modules with something more intelligent. I decided to use RFM-70D. To communicte...


New life of WS503 power amplifier

Some while ago I got broken power amplifier WS503 polish factory Unitra. On the beggining I thought replacing main fuse will be all I need to do. It turned out that really fuse was burnt, but from speakers protection circuit. When I opened a case and spent some time with multimeter I realized that also one power circuits was broken down. I started work and after eight evenings, everything was...


Repairing speakers (based on TONSIL GDN25/40 speaker)

Every speaker have its own life time. So it is natural, that after some time we need to buy new one. Now a days most of equipment is designed in that way, to be thrown out after maximum 5 years. I really don't like that fact, a specially when I have some old and good stuff. It is not that hard to replace broken part with new crappy one and after some short period of time spent another money...


Printed Circuit Board to PW7010, WS304 power amplifier Unitra's company)

I was born in 80's and grew up in 90's, that is way technic from that time is really close to me and have sentimental meaning for me. When I got Unitra's power amplifier to service for the first time, I hadn't enough knowledge to deal with it. So, after replacing burnt transistors and fuses, which burnt out after next try of turning it on, I gave up when costs of repair grew to much.


Graphic display LCD PG12864LRU-ORA-H

One day I got graphic LCD from old, broken device. I didn't know much about this model except that if is black/green one. When I dug it out from silicon glue it turned out, that it had original producer label. I looked in the Internet and I found datasheet. It looked very comprehensive but also a bit complicated. I cound easly read out from it how to set up all registers. I decided, that if I...


Power amplifier 10W

As many students in Poland, I also had to take second term of exams on my university. We used to call it "Septeber campain", because it was in September. I must say, I'm glad of this fact. I really didn't want to learn during my summer holidays, but somehow I found strenghts to learn. I read series of scripts from one of profesors (Władysława Ciążyńskiego), which in simple and clear way...


Happy Face - flashing light effect

I made this device in August 2003. An idea for this toy came to my mind when I was lying sick in a bed. It is just simple flashing effect. When I recovered I decided to send it to electronic magazine "Elektronika dla Wszystkich" where it was published :D.

What is this for?

Answer is simple: to make happy or at least make a person smile to whom it is presented. This device was built two years...


ICD2 Clone programmer

Some while ago company Microchip released ICD2 programmer (during writing this article there is ICD3 on market). It is universal ISP (In System Programmer), what means that if we want to change program in our chip, we don't need to solder it out. All we need is to plug small connector into device. Its the biggest advantage is wide range of programed chips. For debug purposes it includes JTAG...


Digital equalizer

I built this project as task on one of my university classes. Its purpose was to demonstrate idea of working hearing aid. When I got a score I turned it into 6 point equlizer.

This is a schematic of device:

Building equalizer we must ask ourself a question about how many frequencies we wnat to equalize and in what range. Number of points depends on how many frequency we choose. Let's...


Little One - the smallest robot in my garage

This is the smalest robot, that I have ever built. On one of the websites I found picture of other robot, that become an inspiration for me. Unfortunately, I didn't achieve such small scale but still I'm proud of final efect.

Previous version

Presented version is not first one. It is a second one. In first one its weight point was very high what made him very unstable and his brain was...


Plexiglass robot hand

Many years ago I saw a robot in TV. Well, it was only a hand on moving platform. One thing I remember from this show was that it took a glass of water from the table and move to another. That time, I was too young to build such a toy. What I did was much smaller and weaker. I didn't have skills and tools to build something better.

Now, after many years, when I got a bit plexiglass garbage, I...


Slow walker - explorer v.1.20

Its name comes from its maximum speed. It is my first remote controlled robot. Since I was kid I liked that kind of toys, but I grew up in 80's, 90's when remote controlled cars and tanks were not easily available for all kids. Then I become a teenager and it wasn't proper to play with such toys. Fortunately, when you are an electronic engineer you can build it by your own.

In this model I...


PID regulator with autotuning feature

Theory of controlling values are very complex. It depends on many factors e.g. what do we want to control (temperature, rotation, light level, etc.) and how do we control it (valves, relays, motors, etc.). All those things are far from ideal models, so it not so easy to describe easly dependency between them. Generally, we have a few types of controllers:

  • PI – proporcional-integrating
  • PD...
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