Printed Circuit Board to PW7010, WS304 power amplifier Unitra's company)

I was born in 80's and grew up in 90's, that is way technic from that time is really close to me and have sentimental meaning for me. When I got Unitra's power amplifier to service for the first time, I hadn't enough knowledge to deal with it. So, after replacing burnt transistors and fuses, which burnt out after next try of turning it on, I gave up when costs of repair grew to much.

After many years I decided to face with it again. Having now good knowledge and expirience I found one broken model for me and bought it. Its renovation will be described in different article. Here I just want to share a PCB layout. The most common failure cause of this power aplifier is this board. If only a few parts are broke, there is no big deal, but sometime happend that whole board needs to be replaced. Company is closed for a years. That is why I decided to spent a few evenings and make a copy of it. I made it and I hope that someone will find it useful. I encourage to share your opinion below. If you send me a photo of your board I will be delightful to put it here.

Board Board

Files to download:

pawel_aa 2017-12-02
Diora wypuściła ten wzmacniacz z oznaczeniem WS-401S.
Srcpro.pl 2017-10-01
Dzięki Krzysiek, już poprawione.
krzysiek 2017-10-01
WS 304 i pw 7010 i 7020 itd to nie jest żadna diora !!! to ŁZR!!!
Srcpro 2016-06-30
Tak. Stare (o ile nie suche) mogą lepiej trzymać patry niż nowe z Chin.
Pawel_dk 2016-06-30
Czy warto stosować stare kondensatory w tej konstrukcji?
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