Desoldering gun with AOYUE-968

In my job, we have de-soldering tool which we call "a cow" because of noise that is produced by working compresor. For my private purposes simple suction pump and a bit of copper wire is enough but people easily get use to luxury, so I decided to have such cow in my house as well. Basically, such de-soldering tool is a reverted hot air, with such a difference that compresor is turned on on demand. This thought made me willing to use stuff that I had im my home - hot air station Aoyue968. The only thing I had to buy was de-soldering gun.

I confess, this project stuck in my head for a very long time because I hadn't time to figure out how to make it disconnectable, so when I don't use it, I can put it into my locker. When I solved this, I had to design some way of truning on an off a compressor. Fortunately, this station has a separate switch for this purposes. I thought, it provide direct voltage to motor. It woulld mean that there is a 230V on its connectors. I was looking for a connector that can safely fits to this purposes. I decided to take a power socket from old radios. On the beginning I wanted to put a socket on front pannel of the station, but it would made a possibility of touching pins by a finger and cause an electric shock. I knew it must be a plug, but I couldn't find nice way of leading it put from metal case. Finally I decided to make such a thing like on pictures below:

Preparing a switch:

Switch witch plug filled with silicon:

When I disassembled the station, it turned out that all switches are well glued. I had to cut it out to get this switch. Then I discovered that compressor is controlled with low voltage and all my effort was unnecessary, but how could I know?

Switch ready:

There is a difference in nuber of pins between soldering and de-soldering tool:

Ready and connected:

This a result of its working :D :

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