Irish Japanese SU-V500

I had just finished previous power aplifier from Technics company (SU-V450) and immediately I got higher model SU-V500. This one I could name clover model, because it came to me from irish pub. As we know, nobody cares about such stuff in those places. Its role is just to work and play the music. As you can see from photos, this one don't have easy life though. Owner told me, that there is a problem with randomly switching input selector. I was realy amazed when I open top cover. Whole inside was covered with thick coverlet of dust smeling cigarets. In such conditions, wrong behaviour was nothing extraordinary. When I had removed this isolation cover, I noticed also, that this device had been also watered with coca-cola.

After cleaning, power amplifier started shining again. Test under load didn't show any problems with input selector.

Cleaning potentiomter with motor

Everything disassembled and ready for cleaning

Cleaning all inside:

Interesting electrostatic efect:

Final result can be seen on phots:

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