Protection for ALTUS 100 speakers

When I got know, that my private, small human is going to appear on this world, I realised that I need to do something to protect my speakers. Small fingers love to push speakers inside. Removal and renovations caused, that I was pushing this in a time until one day it turned out, it was too latend and being lazy is not profitable. Two speakers has been broken, so I decided to speed up with work over protection. And this is how they were made:

Firstly I made a frame with strenghtened corners. After first try I noticed, that bass speaker sticks to much out and I need to add another frame.

Because originally speakers were black, so I wanted to keep this color and I paited them to such.

Another task was to build somehow mounting pins. I made them from wall plugs. Screw sits tight in the wood and plastic part is screw on it and cut to lenght of 12mm (hole deepness)

Last part was to put a material on frames and screw them together. Final result you can see below. It looks as if there is no protection, but it is.

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