Radmor 5102

When one observe the Internet, may get a unreal feeling that this is really something unique and valuable. Its price can get enormous level. I don't know if anyone buys it, but for me, its price is from the sky and not adequate to real quality. Somewhile ago I saw a nice document about designers and engineers working over this project. That wasn't easy project, because it involved a few companies. Unfortunately, it was a taugh time in Poland and getting good elements was really hard. Also a target of relatively low price for end product also influent on its quality.

As a kind of innovation, it has a tuoch buttons to switch radio stations programmed by potentiometers. It also has very nice looking VU-meters. Unfortunately, one of the most basic circuit was missing - short circuit output protection. One of the biggest adventages is its modularity which helps during servicing

I got this one with typical sympthons of age. Crakling potenetiometers, broken lights etc. The most itersting case was unequality of signals on output. After measurements it turned out, that of transistors of differentiatie input pair was a bit broken and giving to much current on its base shifing output by introducing offset.

Below some pictures with things that were done.

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