Place holder for power amplifier PCB in WS503

Previous owner of this power amplifier has broken this plastic holder. Recently I wanted to buy such part, but I gave up when I heard price of 30 PLN. Even new is not worth so much. Fortunately my father taught me how to handle caliper, a university how to draw a technical sketch, open source software gave me a tools for projecting such parts and modern technology gave 3D-printing machines. Don't counting time, price of this part is much smaller and satisfaction is priceless.

Project took me an hour because it was my first adventure with DesignSpark. Printing bended part will take more filament, so I rather print it straight and heat a bit with hot air. Neverthless, I'm attachning both files


Broken holder

This is how presents the new one

Quick measurments and draft

Project in Design Spark

Final efect

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