Unitra ZRK M2405SD - Aria - not the least

This is another device from my friend collection. Some people really care about their equipment. This tape recorder - Aria from Unitra ZRK - is 42 years old and nothing indicates to be the last one. After such period of time I had clean it a bit, replace old rubber stripes, lubricate rollers, glue some parts, replace a few capacitors, clean switches and is ready to further usage.

What amazed and delighted me after opening the cover, was clarity and modularity of construction. Contrary to second device M2045S from the same factory, where I had an impression, that I'm looking on prototype device, here everything was easy to disconnect and disassembly. The mechanical part wasn't rigidly connected with electronic. It looks as if engineers from ZRK drew a conclusions from previous devices and this is how Aria has born.

Please check some photos from inside:

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