Graphic display LCD PG12864LRU-ORA-H

One day I got graphic LCD from old, broken device. I didn't know much about this model except that if is black/green one. When I dug it out from silicon glue it turned out, that it had original producer label. I looked in the Internet and I found datasheet. It looked very comprehensive but also a bit complicated. I cound easly read out from it how to set up all registers. I decided, that if I finally managed to write working library for this display I will put it here to make others people life easier. This basic version contains functions:

void LCD_writeB(char Byte, char Command);
void LCD_init(void);
void LCD_clear_display(void);
void LCD_set_y(uint8_t y);
void LCD_set_x(uint8_t x);
void LCD_put_c(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t Char);
void LCD_printf(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, const char *string);
void LCD_image(uint8_t width, uint8_t height, uint8_t *image);

If you find it useful please download all three files. Please leave also some comment below.

Images of working display:

Lcd Lcd Lcd

kolyafokin 2020-12-27
Кто-нибудь разобрался, как в этом дисплее читать данные из дисплея? Как нарисовать линию?
Srcpro.pl 2020-11-28
Oczywiście, na stronie jest formularz kontaktowy. Można zostawić email. Chętnie odpiszę.
Marcin 2020-11-28
Witaj można się jakoś skontaktować z Tobą? Pozdrawiam
TB 2020-09-22
Hey, I like to buy such a "PG128640" LCD Display. Does somebody know where I can get it?
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