CamCap - console application to dump image from camera

Recently I was looking for some console application, that would allow me to capture images from internet camera into some graphic file. Maybe I wrongly asked google, but all I could find were large GUI apps, which didn't expose console interface. That is why I made CamCap (camera capture). Its usage is as simple as possible. All you need is to execute it from command line. It will detect connected cameras and dump pictures from them in to direcory C:\CamCap\imgs.

Currently accept also parameters:

  • -r - you can define resolution of captured picture. By default it is 640x480.
  • -c - Some cameras allows to capture larger pictures. To check its capabilities use this parameter. It will create text file in C:\CamCap\ with all details.
  • -h - Display this help

WARNING! - to work, this app require .NET version 4.5 or higher and all files from archive.

Files to download:

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