Git cheatsheet

Create new branch

git checkout -b name_of_new_local_branch

Create new remote branch

git push origin name_of_new_remote_branch

Remove branch

git branch -d name_of_local_branch

Diff for last revision

git diff HEAD^

Diff for range of revisions

git diff hash1 hash2

Merge to master

git checkout master

git pull origin master

git merge name_of_local_branch

git push origin master

Tag list

git tag

Tag with name

git tag <tag_name> <hash_of_commit_to_be_tagged>

ReTagging/Update tag

git tag -a -f <tag_name> <hash>

Push tag to remote

git push origin <tag_name>

Remove tag from remote

git push --delete origin <tag_name>

Set upstream branch when remote doesn’t exist

git push -u origin name_of_branch

Set upstream branch when remote exist

git branch -u origin/remote_branch_name

Squash commits before push

git rebase -i <hash-commit-before-changes> (e.g. HEAD~2 – for two commits to squash. Second and later commit must be changed to squash or fixedup).

To push changes, sometimes need to use:

git push --force


git blame <hash/tag> -- <path_to_file> - hash is a starting point from which looks backward. To see previous file use “^” operator.

Log from give user

git log --author=UserName

Log for given hash

git show <hash>

Log for hash range

git log hash1..hash2 -–pretty=oneline

git log hash1..hash2 -–pretty=”%h date %cD %s”

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